White Lightning All Natural Mustard

White Lightning All Natural Mustard
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Product Details

A creamy intense white-hot mustard crafted in small batches. The heat from the mustard seed adds a flavorful jolt to deviled eggs, dips, smoked meats, sausages and patés. This mustard provides a blot of intensity.

Ingredients: deep well water, blended whole mustard seeds, distilled vinegar, salt, and true spices.
All natural, stone ground. No cholesterol, no fats, no eggs, no additives, reduced sodium, low carbohydrates. High in antioxidants. No GMOs.

Raye’s all-natural stone-ground mustard is small batch crafted, high in antioxidants, gluten-free, low sodium and has no GMOs. Raye’s Mustard Mill, located in the coastal city of Eastport, Maine, the nation’s eastern-most city, is last remaining traditional stone-ground mustard mill in North America. Raye’s takes great pride every day in producing a fine quality product that delivers not only a memorable flavor experience, but real benefits for today’s healthy lifestyles.

New weight 9 ounces.