New England Chili Salsa

New England Chili Salsa
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Mother’s Mountain New England Chili Salsa, a family favorite. Milder than most chili sauces, ours is great on omelets, salads, avocados, meatloaf, fish, open faced grilled cheese sandwiches, guessed dips. Add zest to a grilled cheese sandwich, an avocado, and meatloaf.

Fat free, gluten free, no added sugar or salt, no artificial color or flavoring, refrigerate after opening, made in Maine, USA. 9.5 oz. (269g)

Ingredients: Tomatoes, Minced Onions, Celery seed, Green Peppers, Apple Cider Vinegar, Spices and Sodium Benzoate to preserve the freshness of natural ingredients. No salt added. (see "detailed images" for nutrition facts)

New England Chili Salsa with chips