Jerry Remy's Red Sox Heroes

Jerry Remy's Red Sox Heroes
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Jerry Remy's Red Sox Heroes - The RemDawg's All-Time Favorite Red Sox, Great Moments, and Top Teams
The RemDawg's All-Time Favorite Red Sox, Great Moments, and Top Teams

Hard cover, 288 pages, 49 photographs, 70 diagrams.
By Jerry Remy with Corey Sandler

ISBN 1-59921-406-7

Who better to rank the best Red Sox of all time than, yes, the president of Red Sox Nation himself! Here, Jerry Remy does just that—forty-five players in all, from the likes of Wade Boggs, Rick Burleson, Tony Conigliaro, Dennis Eckersley, Dwight Evans, to Ted William and Carl Yastrzemski, to early-era greats such as Cy Young, Babe Ruth, Jackie Jensen, and Johnny Pesky. In a short chapter on each, Remy explains why the player was chosen, and his detailed statistics go well beyond batting averages. Other chapters cover the 1967, 2004, and 2007 teams, as well as historic moments, such as Dave Roberts’s steal.

One of baseball's most beloved commentators picks the forty-four most heroic Red Sox players ever. Eminently readable, painstakingly researched, and imbued with the rich history of the Boston Red Sox, Jerry Remy’s Red Sox Heroes is a must for all members of Red Sox Nation.

Jerry Remy is an extraordinary broadcaster with an intimate knowledge of baseball that comes from more than a decade as a major league player and more than 2,200 games as the voice of the Boston Red Sox. He has been the color analyst for Boston Red Sox television broadcasts since 1988, and he hosts the popular Web site