Thirty Years in September, A Nurses Memoir

Thirty Years in September, A Nurses Memoir
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Thirty Years in September: A Nurse's Memoir by Kate Genovese, 168 pages, soft cover with bibliography.

Kate Genovese gives us a rare, inside, true to life look at the nursing profession. We are taken on her roller coaster ride that begins at age sixteen, when she decides on her future career after a visit with her younger sister in the hospital. The ride does not let up for three decades at which time Kate records her guarded hopes for the future of the art of nursing. With the backdrop of Boston, we accompany Kate through the challenges faced by young nursing students of the sixties, the camaraderie of fellow classmates, the first agonizing death of a patient, the uplifting attitudes and humor of the people who make it all worthwhile.

The view is not always picture postcard perfect; the tensions and struggles are not sugar-coated. Her profession takes on a new meaning when Kate's boyfriend is tragically injured in Viet Nam. Later, drug addiction temporarily derails Kate's career, before it is conquered and she takes her career to a new level. Through it all, Kate's perseverance and faith sustain her.

The book offers timely insights into the current state of healthcare including the importance of school nurses, the effects of the HMO system, and the challenges faced with Medicare. Regarding nursing itself, this first person account sheds more light on the profession - its, past, present and future - than any analytical report ever could.