Frugal Yankee Guide To Supermarkets

Frugal Yankee Guide To Supermarkets

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A timely and information guide to shop effectively. A book of tricks, tips, and ideas all designed to save you money while taking advantage of what supermarkets have to offer. Today's supermarkets spend millions devising ways to get shoppers to spend more money. This little book exposes what they do, how they do it, and where the savings truly are.

Practical, actionable ideas to get the most for your money in today's supermarkets. From the Frugal Yankee as seen on WCVB's award winning CHRONICLE and New England Cable News. 29 pages

By Garen Daly and Louise Reilly Sacco. Garen and Louise are not cheap or penny-pinchers, but they want their money's worth. These frugal Yankees explore old-fashioned values to solve today's problems.

Published by the Frugal Yankee Press.

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