Country Store Ornament

Country Store Ornament

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The 1856 Country Store Centerville, Massachusetts

The 1856 Country Store of Centerville, Massachusetts is older than its name suggests. It was actually built in the early 1840's to be used as a storage barn for cranberries from the nearby bogs. Shifting from fruit to fashion, the Hallett family opened it as a shoe emporium in the later part of the decade. It was not until 1856 that the building became a general merchandise store, which it has operated as ever since. Cloaked in red shingle, Cape Cod's Country Store is a favorite stop for residents and visitors alike. In fact, its front porch is even something of a landmark in itself. The porch holds two benches -- one labeled for Democrats and one for Republicans -- which, in the interest of political harmony, are separated by the front door. (We have yet to figure out which bench is more comfortable.)

Each Landmark Creations ornament is blown by mouth and often takes a week to complete. After blowing, the glass is silvered, rinsed and then turned upside down to dry. The silver is applied on the inside, which allows a gorgeous depth of color. Once the ornament is dry, the decorating can begin. Different artists are responsible for applying different colors and details. When the ornament is fully detailed and has been allowed to dry, the neck is trimmed and crowned with an ornament cap.

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