Cougar Stone Oil Candle

Cougar Stone Oil Candle
Cougar Stone Oil Candle generally ships in 24 hours

Product Details

Cougar Stone oil candle is a beautiful stone candle with a polished top. Crafted from Sunapee's select and premium Cougar Stone. Each candle measures approximately 4" in diameter. They are organic stone with a 2 oz oil reservoir recessed in the stone and sealed. The cork bottom will protect your surfaces and the wick is long-lasting fiberglass that is encased in a glass chimney. We include a complimentary funnel and free bottle of pure paraffin lamp oil that is sootless, odorless, and colorless.

We recommend that you use half the 2 oz bottle to begin and not refill until your candle until it no longer lights. Refill by pulling your wick partially out and inserting the included funnel in the top. Using the dropper provided will help to prevent spilling oil.

Ultrapure paraffin lamp oil is combustible and harmful or fatal if swallowed. Keep out of reach of children.