Annual Hestia Santa

Annual Hestia Santa

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The annual Hestia Santa is hand-painted, dressed and decorated with lots of texture. Sporting a knit red cap topped with pine needles, he is clutching his pipe and holding paper charts under his arm. His rope sash and red & white striped sailor shirt define his nautical look. A toy sailboat, lobster and seagull peak out of his bag, while at his feet are an anchor and seashell in a clump of seaweed. A perfect Santa for lovers of the sea everywhere! Made in Massachusetts by Hestia Creations.

Size: 7 1/2" tall.

Hestia Annual Santa - front view
Annual Hestia Santa - head view
Annual Hestia Santa - hand view
Annual Hestia Santa - back view
Annual Hestia Santa - foot view
Annual Hestia Santa - boat view

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