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Welcome To Our Autumn Newsletter & New England Specials

It's time to get a head start planning for the holidays. We've stocked up to give you quick delivery, and here's a promo code for free ground delivery on orders over $70: HOLIDAYSHIPPING-22. More specials below. All codes expire 11/15/2022.

Candies of New England

Boston was once the candy capital of America. Main Street, Cambridge was known as Confectioner's Row. New England candy traditions started with Dr. James Baker who built the first chocolate factory in America 1764 on the Neponset River in Boston. <read more at our blog>

Squat Glass Pumpkin - Frosted Harvest
New England Patriots Premier Pail Gift Set
Boston Bruins Gift Set
Frosted Berry 12" Fiber Necklace

Frosted Berry 12" Fiber Necklace

$19.95 (free shipping with code FBFN22)

Boston Visitor Gift Basket
Boston Celtics Gift Set
Holiday Ornaments

Boston Holiday Ornaments

$9.95-75.00 (free shipping with FBFN22)

Premier Boston Baby Gift Set
Boston Wine Stopper and Vacuum Pump
2022 Holiday Cards
Holiday Cards

New England Holiday Card Tradition 
Louis Prang, a printer and artist of Boston, is credited with introducing the Christmas card back in 1875. Today, sending holiday cards to friends and family should not be taken casually, but you need to be sure to follow the rules of etiquette when sending cards to business associates. <read more>