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Autumn in New England
There's still time left to place orders for pre-holiday delivery. Here are promotion codes and specials to stretch your shopping dollars. Or get free ground shipping on orders over $40 with FS2015-5. All codes expire December 21, 2015.

Red Lobster Claw Ornament

Made in Massachusetts

New: Red Lobster Claw Ornament Normally $14.95. Each claw measures about 3 1/2" - 4" tall by 2" wide. Use coupon code LOBSTER15 for 30% discount, $10.46. Expires December 21, 2015--->

FREE! Get a New England Patriots Helmet Ornament 3-Pack (originally $17.95) free when you purchase $30 or more of other ornaments. Just put the helmet ornament 3-pack in your cart along with $30 or more of other ornaments (product codes beginning with SCH or SCO) and specify promotion code PATRIOTS3PACK.

New England Patriots Helmet
linen calendar towels

Our 2016 linen calendar towels are going fast. A tradition since 1954. $8.25
Boston Candy Stacked Santa

Boston Candy Stacked Santa with lots of taffy, fruit slices, and Neccos $23.95

Museum of Bad Art
MOBA T-shirt

Museum of Bad Art t-shirt with Alien, Adam & Eve, Keys to the City, and Mana Lisa $20.00

New England Holiday Cards 2015
Free Shipping Holiday Special!
Free ground shipping on orders over $40. Use promo code FS2015-5. Expires December 21, 2015.
Anne Pollard
Read the MBTC BlogBlogger Anne Pollard discusses Holiday Card Tradition at her MBTC Blog. Other recent topics include international birthday customs and traditions, Shopping at Green Stores, Buying American, and The Story of Sea Glass.
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