6 Inch Glass Wish Ball

6 Inch Glass Wish Ball

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Each of these 6" large wish ball is carefully hand-crafted out of glass, making every piece unique in color. The sculpted loop at the top is designed for easy hanging with a string of your choosing. Great as home décor for any room - bring some color and shine to your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, family room, office, or any window.

Wish Balls are believed to offer protection from negative energy. Bad dreams get tangled in the colorful web and become trapped in the glass orb only to disappear with the first rays of morning light. Good dreams are able to pass through the strands and are guided down to the person below. These 6" glass globes are handmade in Massachusetts. Each piece is sculpted from 2200 degree glass and handblown into a whimsical wish ball. Pieces come tagged with wishes of health, love, good luck, and more.

Luke Adams creates unique works in glass by hand with a talented group of assistants at his studio in Norwood, Massachusetts. He is a graduate of the glass department at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston.


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