Our lobsters arrive fresh everyday in special containers that keep them alive, healthy and undamaged. Upon arrival, they are sorted by weight and placed in special temperature-controlled holding tanks of salt water. Only the finest, hard-shell lobsters are selected for shipment. The lobsters are individually removed from their tank and carefully placed in compartmentalized boxes. The boxes give the lobsters plenty of air and insure they will arrive alive at your door. The live lobsters are dark green in color and
Live Lobsters ready for shipment
turn bright red when cooked. You can tell a lobster is alive if the tail curls when it is picked up. You can keep the lobsters alive at home until meal time by refrigerating them and covering them with a damp cloth.

Please be sure to specify overnight delivery for all lobster orders.

Cooking Lobsters:
Fill a pot with enough water to cover the lobsters by a few inches, but do not leave the lobsters in the pot. Add 1 tablespoon of salt per quart of water. Bring the water to a boil. Now add the lobsters head first, cover and bring water back to boiling. Cook five minutes for first pound and three minutes per additional pound. Remove and run cold water over the lobsters to stop the cooking. Serve with butter and lemon wedges.